Lesson One: Feel It All or Get Misophonia (ew)

To begin the journey of easing the fuckery of misophonia, it’s good to understand a little bit about emotions because basically, this whole thing started because I spent a lot of time confused about my feelings. After all, we are just big bundles of emotions and feelings. Our families and cultures and other places weContinue reading “Lesson One: Feel It All or Get Misophonia (ew)”

When Sounds Make You Mad – the actual story of my life

Just before Christmas, I totally lost my shit. I had been living in a house that had the insulation of a tent, in a party zone that was growing as Bali started to open up. My sound sensitivity (misophonia) was on crack. Every second of my usual worry time was taken up, not planning forContinue reading “When Sounds Make You Mad – the actual story of my life”

I Ran, I Ran So Far Away…

As the long-dreamed-about holiday headed towards the dreaded end date, I made a terrible mistake. I think back to my bad decision and reflect on what had prompted it. Was it because I had just discovered Instagram reels only the day before and somehow got stuck on a loop of Tom Holland and Zendaya videos?Continue reading “I Ran, I Ran So Far Away…”

What Not To Pack for Paradise

So the move has been made from Jakarta to Bali. It is official. I live near the beach. Let the fireworks and celebrations begin. Actually, please don’t. I beg you. Have you ever had a plan to go on a great holiday or move somewhere fabulous? Have you ever thought about it for months, imaginingContinue reading “What Not To Pack for Paradise”

It’s Time To Go Out and Play

I think a lot of us have been indoors for too long and this has created an increased level of anxiety about who we are. It seems safer indoors in the comfort of our caves. “The more you care about what others think, the more they own you” – Maria Forleo The quote above stoppedContinue reading “It’s Time To Go Out and Play”

Can Somebody Chop Off My Head, Please?

These last few months in an effort to get to know myself better in these nutty times, I started to track my cycle using the app, Clue. You know how I am obsessed with the damage the patriarchy causes, well, we all know that women have a monthly cycle which patriarchy tells us is grossContinue reading “Can Somebody Chop Off My Head, Please?”

I Am Enough. I Am Cukup.

Have you ever thought about how much time you spend every day disliking yourself? Beating yourself up? Worrying about your misshapen eyes/nose/breasts/butt? Trying to control everything around you by keeping busy? Feeling disappointed in yourself and those around you? Dissatisfied? I read in this great book, Patriarchy Stress Disorder by Dr Valerie Rein, that womenContinue reading “I Am Enough. I Am Cukup.”

How Mirrors Mess With Our Brains (and why we should use our friends instead)

Have you ever thought about the ways in which what you perceive through your senses can be vastly different from another individual sharing the same space and time with you? We know this for sure with our taste buds; some people lap up the taste of chicken’s feet and goat’s brains and cow’s tongues, andContinue reading “How Mirrors Mess With Our Brains (and why we should use our friends instead)”

Motherhood and the Case of the Disappearing Woman

I got an email from my buddy Mia Freedman this morning (co-founder of Mamamia media for those in the dark about this “inspirer” of women) as she was moving house – ok it was a group email and I am on her mailing list, but hey we could be friends IRL. She wrote about women,Continue reading “Motherhood and the Case of the Disappearing Woman”

Feeling a Little Merdeka

I am really feeling the buzz of Indonesia Independence Day this year more than any other. I don’t know if it’s the joy of a public holiday, the excitement of the kids playing traditional games outside or the resounding cries of “Merdeka” blasting out from the houses in my area as the Indonesian anthem playsContinue reading “Feeling a Little Merdeka”