Lesson 4: Mapping our Parts and Making the Jigsaw Visible

When we think about who we are as humans we can separate our worlds into two parts; our external world and our internal world.  If you looked at me from my external world you would see a greying woman, of a certain body shape who could be classified as a straight, CIS gendered mother, aContinue reading “Lesson 4: Mapping our Parts and Making the Jigsaw Visible”

Lesson Three: Breathe First and Save a Vegan

How’s your week been? Did you happen to do any deep dives into the ways that you perceive the world? Or have you been focusing on finding the perfect cheese burger? Whatever your focus, perfect. But meat is murder – that’s vegan joke. No, it’s not. While we are on the topic, what do youContinue reading “Lesson Three: Breathe First and Save a Vegan”

Lesson Two: Digging Into What Lies Beneath

And so another week has passed and it is time again to start digging into ourselves, trying to work out what makes us tick. It’s great to know that we have emotions and that they are important and we should feel all the feels, but what do we do with this information? Start punching peopleContinue reading “Lesson Two: Digging Into What Lies Beneath”

Lesson One: Feel It All or Get Misophonia (ew)

To begin the journey of easing the fuckery of misophonia, it’s good to understand a little bit about emotions because basically, this whole thing started because I spent a lot of time confused about my feelings. After all, we are just big bundles of emotions and feelings. Our families and cultures and other places weContinue reading “Lesson One: Feel It All or Get Misophonia (ew)”

When Sounds Make You Mad – the actual story of my life

Just before Christmas, I totally lost my shit. I had been living in a house that had the insulation of a tent, in a party zone that was growing as Bali started to open up. My sound sensitivity (misophonia) was on crack. Every second of my usual worry time was taken up, not planning forContinue reading “When Sounds Make You Mad – the actual story of my life”

What Not To Pack for Paradise

So the move has been made from Jakarta to Bali. It is official. I live near the beach. Let the fireworks and celebrations begin. Actually, please don’t. I beg you. Have you ever had a plan to go on a great holiday or move somewhere fabulous? Have you ever thought about it for months, imaginingContinue reading “What Not To Pack for Paradise”