What To Do With Kids in Jakarta – Covid Version (ie: do nothing)

There are always so many things to do with kids in Jakarta. Sorry did I say “always”? Can I add in an exception to the statement which is “2020 has screwed up all plans. Just stay at home”. And after 5 months at home with the kids all I can say is, there has beenContinue reading “What To Do With Kids in Jakarta – Covid Version (ie: do nothing)”

Lazy Parenting 101: Creating a “Yes” Space

One of the best things I ever read, after having my first child, was about creating a “Yes” space. This is a space where a child is free to explore without having to say “hati hati” (be careful) or “pelan pelan” (slow down) or “tidak boleh naik” (you can’t climb), and of course, never “No”Continue reading “Lazy Parenting 101: Creating a “Yes” Space”