When Sounds Make You Mad – the actual story of my life

Just before Christmas, I totally lost my shit. I had been living in a house that had the insulation of a tent, in a party zone that was growing as Bali started to open up. My sound sensitivity (misophonia) was on crack. Every second of my usual worry time was taken up, not planning forContinue reading “When Sounds Make You Mad – the actual story of my life”

I Ran, I Ran So Far Away…

As the long-dreamed-about holiday headed towards the dreaded end date, I made a terrible mistake. I think back to my bad decision and reflect on what had prompted it. Was it because I had just discovered Instagram reels only the day before and somehow got stuck on a loop of Tom Holland and Zendaya videos?Continue reading “I Ran, I Ran So Far Away…”

What Not To Pack for Paradise

So the move has been made from Jakarta to Bali. It is official. I live near the beach. Let the fireworks and celebrations begin. Actually, please don’t. I beg you. Have you ever had a plan to go on a great holiday or move somewhere fabulous? Have you ever thought about it for months, imaginingContinue reading “What Not To Pack for Paradise”