I Think I Wanna Be a Daydream Believer

The other day my big girl’s tooth fell out and I said automatically, “Just wait for the tooth fairy to come” and she replied, “I know the tooth fairy is just you and babeh (dad) and so is Santa.” I looked at my sweet husband, who had no idea what was going on because hisContinue reading “I Think I Wanna Be a Daydream Believer”

Why Does Yoga Class Always Make Me Cry?

I have a brain that is custom-built for non-stop pondering. Come to think of it, “pondering” seems like too gentle a word for what goes on in my mind. It’s more like a round trip of planning, doubting, freaking out, worrying, appreciating for a moment, and then, bam, worrying, planning, and around and around itContinue reading “Why Does Yoga Class Always Make Me Cry?”