How Mirrors Mess With Our Brains (and why we should use our friends instead)

Have you ever thought about the ways in which what you perceive through your senses can be vastly different from another individual sharing the same space and time with you? We know this for sure with our taste buds; some people lap up the taste of chicken’s feet and goat’s brains and cow’s tongues, andContinue reading “How Mirrors Mess With Our Brains (and why we should use our friends instead)”

“Educating the Loss of Identity” or “Let the Children Be the Teachers”

Through these Covid times with school shutdowns and everyone trying to homeschool their kids and make sense of each subject and ask their children to sit down and be quiet and listen as the teacher talks to them through the screen, we may start to be reminded of our own education. And how we neverContinue reading ““Educating the Loss of Identity” or “Let the Children Be the Teachers””

A Public Service Announcement for Men

Hey men. I heard a rumour that you don’t like women. I heard that you don’t like listening to music or watching movies or reading books made by women. Or about women. I heard that if you walk into a room and it’s a bunch of women sitting around that you want to slink rightContinue reading “A Public Service Announcement for Men”

Motherhood and the Case of the Disappearing Woman

I got an email from my buddy Mia Freedman this morning (co-founder of Mamamia media for those in the dark about this “inspirer” of women) as she was moving house – ok it was a group email and I am on her mailing list, but hey we could be friends IRL. She wrote about women,Continue reading “Motherhood and the Case of the Disappearing Woman”