What To Do With Kids in Jakarta – Covid Version (ie: do nothing)

There are always so many things to do with kids in Jakarta. Sorry did I say “always”? Can I add in an exception to the statement which is “2020 has screwed up all plans. Just stay at home”.

And after 5 months at home with the kids all I can say is, there has been PLENTY of time to get creative. With no chance to visit any shopping centres, which means no indoor playgrounds, I have realised both how much I truly hate those indoor playgrounds (microphones turned up to deafening level) and how much better my life is without having even a thought of “I should go and do something with the girls. Hey, how about we go to Kidzoona?”. No. Kidzoona is ONLY fun for kids.

It’s time to explore activities at home that are fun for kids AND adults.

(Warning: for me “fun” looks to many people like idleness and indeed “How To Be Idle” by Tom Hodgkinson is one of my favourite parenting guides)

Step 1: When you cruise around the kampung, buy one of these mats that you can lay out in your house, or outside.

Published by lostinthealleywayscom

I am a feminist, mother of two, Australian, married to an Indonesian, lover of all things Jakarta (well apart from the pollution and rubbish and corruption and...well you get the picture). I want to share my stories of exploring Jakarta and raising my two daughters in the big city.

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