Does My Bum Look Big in Covid?

In the words of the great philosopher, Boom Crash Opera, “These here are crazy times”. Here we all are working from our bedrooms, scared that we won’t see our families for an indeterminate period of time, going crazy with the anxiety of the unknown future, how long this will go on for, whether our children’sContinue reading “Does My Bum Look Big in Covid?”

Feeling a Little Merdeka

I am really feeling the buzz of Indonesia Independence Day this year more than any other. I don’t know if it’s the joy of a public holiday, the excitement of the kids playing traditional games outside or the resounding cries of “Merdeka” blasting out from the houses in my area as the Indonesian anthem playsContinue reading “Feeling a Little Merdeka”

The Jakarta Clash: Do I Stay or Do I Go?

The other day a friend shared a message from Facebook to our chat where the start of the post read “I would like to highlight how a sprawling, chaotic country approaches the Covid 19” and I took a breath – did I want to open up this message and the whole can of worms ofContinue reading “The Jakarta Clash: Do I Stay or Do I Go?”

What To Do With Kids in Jakarta – Covid Version (ie: do nothing)

There are always so many things to do with kids in Jakarta. Sorry did I say “always”? Can I add in an exception to the statement which is “2020 has screwed up all plans. Just stay at home”. And after 5 months at home with the kids all I can say is, there has beenContinue reading “What To Do With Kids in Jakarta – Covid Version (ie: do nothing)”

What on Earth is a Kampung?

If you have never been to Jakarta, or Indonesia, you may never have seen or heard of a kampung. Basically it’s a village community which maybe, in some places, is surrounded by rice fields or plantations of some kind, whereas in Jakarta it may be right beside a huge shopping mall, or just behind yourContinue reading “What on Earth is a Kampung?”