Jakarta, Why Do I Love You So?

When people arrive here and see the chaos they look at me like I must be mad to have lived here for so long and be raising my family here. Often I agree with them. What is this city anyway? When I came here over 12 years ago, never once did I imagine that thisContinue reading “Jakarta, Why Do I Love You So?”

Lazy Parenting 101: Creating a “Yes” Space

One of the best things I ever read, after having my first child, was about creating a “Yes” space. This is a space where a child is free to explore without having to say “hati hati” (be careful) or “pelan pelan” (slow down) or “tidak boleh naik” (you can’t climb), and of course, never “No”Continue reading “Lazy Parenting 101: Creating a “Yes” Space”